Teleblend Voicemail does so much more! With Teleblend Voicemail, you can listen to your voicemail messages on the phone, online or via email. You can also get voicemail notifications sent to your cell phone, email address or even to your Instant Messenger account so that you can easily manage your voicemails. 

Teleblend Service automatically comes with optional voicemail boxes for each Teleblend phone number, so anyone in your home with an assigned Signature Number can access his or her personal message center. The voicemail boxes are limited to 20 messages.

Or you can choose the PowerMail package that allows you to have a Message Screener application to screen your calls from any computer. With this application you can see who is calling you real time and choose to transfer and take the call on a cell phone, office phone or your TeleBlend phone. You can even choose to send the call to voicemail if you do not wish to take the call. All this from the comfort of your home, work or laptop computer. In addition, the PowerMail package also increases your message storage from 20 messages to 60 messages!

At anytime you can:

  • View and sort voicemail messages online using the 
    Member Account Manager. 

  • Receive notification of new messages by phone, email, pager, text message, or Instant Messaging (AOL IM, Yahoo IM, MSN IM or ICQ). 

  • Receive email alerts and listen to audio messages using any computer with Internet access.

  • Download voicemails to your computer, save them, and listen to them anytime. 

  • Check messages from any phone or computer with an Internet connection.

  • Record personalized greetings, one for each Teleblend Number. 

  • With the additional PowerMail option, download TeleBlend Message Screener and listen as a message is recorded in real time.

Use the Teleblend Voicemail User Guide to easily set-up and customize your voicemail account.