Control your Teleblend account settings from any computer!

With Teleblend Service you have full access to control your feature settings and your account online. You can access your account around the clock to check call activity, manage your Voicemail, and edit your user information and more.

How does it help?

Forgot to forward your phone to your cell phone before you left the house for a weekend business trip? Unlike traditional home phone service, with Teleblend you don't have to be home to manage your settings. All you need to do is log into your Member Account Manager from any computer and reset your Call Forwarding. It's that easy to stay in control and make your phone service work for you!

How to use:

  • Log into your Member Account Manager using your email address and password.

  • View the many options available to you such as Voicemail, Contacts, Call Logs, Call Features, My Account, Rocket Rewards and much more.