NEW! TeleBlend Referral Program

Earn $20 for every person you refer. And the person you refer gets $20 as well!


How It Works

1. Spread the word and recommend TeleBlend service to as many friends or family members as you like.

2. Have your friends or family members sign up for TeleBlend service on-line. Make sure you tell them to enter your TeleBlend phone number when they sign up for service.

3. Get an instant $20 credit on your TeleBlend service for every friend or family you refer. Tell them about the great features such as call blocking, enhanced voicemail, call forwarding and find-me-follow-me features. They can get voicemail notifications on their cell phones, AIM, MSN and even get the messages sent via email so they can hear them on their computer. The more friends you sign up, the more money you earn. With TeleBlend phone service, we give you the opportunity to earn money and save! That's a great combination.

Details Compare

    1. Referred customer must remain a TeleBlend customer in order to receive the continuous discount.

    2. Both the existing and referred customer must be current in their bill payments to receive discounts.

    3. New customer must provide referral information at time of initial sign-up for the refering customer to be eligible for the continuous disconts. Referral information includes household telephone number as it would appear on the member account.

    4. Credit cannot be "cashed out" at any time including upon cancellation. If the referred customer cancels, the appropriate discount will no longer be applied and the previous rate will apply.

    5. Discount credits can be applied to any charges on the account except for taxes, fees and late charges.

    6. New customers can't refer themselves and multiple referrals will not be accepted for the same order.

    7. Referred customer can only list one existing customer upon signup and only one existing customer will be eligible for discounts.

    8. Referred customer must be a new TeleBlend customer in order for existing customer to be eligible for discounts.